Miniatures & Watercolors

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Attained Signature membership in Miniature Painters, Sculptors, and Gravers Society 2018

Here are some examples of my original miniature watercolors. 

Miniature etchings are on another page



Skylines at nighttime....  (image 2" x 3")



              Birches   (image  1.25" x 2.5)

  On yonder hillside......(image 1.5" x 4")



St. David's Church & Choir Loft(image 4"x 5")





Lighthouses of New Jersey(image 3' x 5")





Art Memberships--*Awards @ show

*Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers Society (D.C.)

Miniature Art Society of Florida (FL)

Cider Painters of America

*Alabama Miniature Society (AL)

NAME (National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts)

IGMA (International Guild of Miniature Artists)

National League of American Penwomen


Miniature Shows

Casper Art Show (WY)

Xmas in Miniature (Barbara Moore Fine Art Gallery)

Mountainside Art Show (CO)

New Mexico Miniature @ Rosewell (NM)

Snow Goose- Imagery in Miniature (PA)

Wilcox Art League (AZ)


Other Major Shows with Miniatures

Artist Equity Biennial Art Show (D.C.)

Brandywine Arts Festival (DE) 20 yrs

Central Square Miniatures (DE)

Historic Yellow Springs (PA) 34 yrs

Immaculata Art Show (PA) 30 yrs.

Lititz Sidewalk Art Show (PA)

Mt. Gretna Art Show (PA)

Philadelphia Art Show (PA) 10 yrs

Rittenhouse Square Art Show (PA) 20 yrs.

Soroptomist International Art Show (PA)


Facebook page:


List of online videos:

2020 Xmas in Miniature https://

2021 Solo Show @ White Horse Village

National League of American Penwomen Show at West Chester University Gallery in Feb 2014

Handmade books:

Pumpkin Pickin Time painting Step-by-Step

**Solo show at Phoenixville Historical Society

2011 Show at Chester County Art Assoc in Exton Mall


Comments by artist:

I like to travel throughout the local countryside. While traveling the backroads of the area I take quantities of photographs to capture the entrancing scenes and shadows that confront me. I then return home to start preserving the qualities of nature in my artwork. On many occasions I may return to the original site to sketch and refine my drawings before starting the painting. For the most part I strive for accuracy in my scenes; however, I also create mystical scenes of my own from my imagination combining what I liked best from several locations.

Recently, I have been investigating the power and potential of digital media on the Macintosh computers. I have learned the power of manipulating visual images with various programs. I can create and design my graphics, changing colors with the touch of the mouse. The greatest importance of all this hi tech equipment is the still video camera. I find this tool to be the biggest asset to my watercolors because it allows me to capture the shadows and lights of a scene immediately. I can then go back to my studio and recreate that same scene on my television set or computer monitor. In this way, Mother Nature does not get a chance to change its shadows if my brush is not quick enough in its execution.

Having traveled throughout the U.S. and abroad, I like to paint scenes from other areas. Vermont and New England has recently been an area that has encaptured my heart. Many summers have been spent in the New England vicinity providing me with many vibrant scenes. The local buildings and historic sights as well as the flowers are ever ending in their splendor.

                                              artwork                                                                                                                        art

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