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The Tri State Young Adult Review Committee has been in existence for more than 40 years. It has evolved over the decades into an organization comprised of dedicated professionals interested in evaluating new resources and sharing these findings with other professionals in the field. The committee is a fluid group that represents public schools, public libraries, and private schools in the Tri-State area of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. It meets several times throughout the year to share their evaluations with each other and compile the Books of Note list.

The committee is supported by a large number of publishers that send books and materials for review and evaluation. The opinions and reviews are then shared with the companies involved. The companies are able to utilize these reviews and comments to publicize their books. Each year the committee compiles a list of the best books from their collective readings and reviews.

Books of Note is the title of this list. For a book to be included in this list it must be read and recommended as a notable book by an individual reader. Then a second evaluator must also agree that the book qualifies for the booklist. The list itself is not a be all end all because there are many good books that do not come through our channel. It is not meant to be a book list of exclusion, merely a listing to be shared with professionals or interested educators, etc. that would like to have some guidelines in choosing materials for school students and curricula.

The format of the list is quite simple. The basic entry includes: level (elementary, middle, high school), author, title, copyright, publisher, ISBN #, price, pages, and reviewer's code, brief summary of book.



Linda McNeil, chairperson
Childrens/Middle School Literature on the Internet @Chester CountyIntermediateUnit


Magna Diaz (Frankfort High School)
Charleen Forba-Mayer (Avon Grove High School)

Bethany Geleskie (Univ. of Maryland)
Margery Hall (Ludington Library)

Carol Kennedy ( retired, Garnet Valley)

Virginia McGarvey (Avon Grove Schools)
Linda McNeil (CCIU#24)

Lois McNicol (retired,Garnet Valley High School)
Pat Naismith (Springfield High School)
Susan Ogintz (Fred S. Engle Middle School)

Martha Squaresky (Milton Hershey)

Joan Theal (Milton Heshey Schools)

Hilary Welliver ( Kent Co Public Library)


Honorary Retired members:
(serve as seconds reviewers for group)
Sister Victoria Crescente (Merion Mercy Academy)
Elizabeth Driscoll (Malvern Prep School)

Melva Jackson (Bucks County Library)
Susan Rogers (Chestnut Hill Academy)

Melanie Scalpello (Chicester High School)
Jane Schofer (Akiba Hebrew Academy)

Tina Weinraub (Parkway Northwest H.S. for Freedom & Justice)

Rosanne Zajko (Ancillae Assumpta Academy)

List is computerized and maintained by:
Mrs. Linda McNeil, Chr.

                                       For a complete listing of our Books of Note, please go to our website.

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